When Tracey Shuck heard an ad on the radio that the Frisco Fighters were seeking opportunities to serve the community, she did not hesitate the reach out to the team. Tracey’s sister, Tanya Levescy, and brother in-law, Darren “Layne” Levescy, were struck with life altering change in the beginning of 2020. The newlyweds were given the news that Layne was living with Non-Hogkins Lymphoma and Leukemia.

Prior to that diagnosis, Layne’s biggest concern was installing a deck in his backyard to accommodate his growing family. He purchased all the wood and materials and was ready to embark on his home improvement project before the shocking news was delivered.

The Fighters were inspired by the Levescy’s strength and optimism despite all the obstacles they faced in their first year of marriage. Layne had a vision of a deck in his back yard to enjoy with Tanya in their free time, but due to his illness he was not going to physically be able to complete the deck any time soon.

Layne spent 45 days in the hospital amid Covid-19 and was not able to be visited by his loved ones. Layne had only just returned home from the hospital one day before the Frisco Fighters were welcomed into their Terrell, TX, home on June 22, 2020, where they spent the day with the Levescy’s and were guided by Layne’s powerful voice. Coach Dolezel might have finally met his match.

“Layne and Tanya have been going through some very hard times here we are doing everything we can to help make their lives easier,” said Head Coach Clint Dolezel. “We have Jonathan Bane “Bob the Builder”, KaVontae Turpin, and so many others out here helping build this deck for the Levescy’s. We are blessed to have had this opportunity to assist the family.”

The Frisco Fighters’ commitment to family and supporting the local communities is what defines it as an organization. The entire Frisco Fighters organization, including coaches, players, the equipment manager, and even Coach Dolezel’s son, were happy to do their part for the Levescy’s. The Fighters came together in a way that cannot be experienced on the football field. Some were highly skilled handy men while others learned for the first time how to work with their hands in ways they never teach you at practice. 

“ I just want to show some gratitude to the Frisco Fighters for taking their time to come out and volunteer to help me build the deck I had planned on building before I got diagnosed,” said Darren “Layne” Levescy. “I cannot say enough how much appreciation I have for the Fighters coming out and risking themselves to help others like myself live more comfortably. God bless the Fighters and their organization.”

If you want to support Layne on his road to recovery, please share or donate to his GoFundMe If there is anything the Frisco Fighters can do for you, please contact us at We are here to help and united as one.