So many suffered from the shutdown of schools, businesses, and life as we know it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the shutdown took effect, the Frisco Fighters made it known that, as an organization, we’re here to help.

Many took the team up on that offer, including Anne Schacklett, Librarian at Canyon Creek Elementary in Richardson, TX. Every school year 20-30 members of the school’s Writing Club write and illustrate their own books. At the end of the school year those books are then published and given to the young authors. With the COVID outbreak and the closing of in-person school, the school could not hold its annual event, a tradition the students look forward to year after year.

Schacklett knew she had to be creative so that the students didn’t go without. After hearing a Frisco Fighters commercial on the radio, she went into action.

“I heard a promotion on The Ticket about the team’s community outreach, and it gave me the idea,” Schacklett said. “Usually we have a celebration of these young authors in May to present them with their finished books. It is an amazing accomplishment. I thought it would be awesome to have the Frisco Fighters amazing athletes show the students how proud we are of them.”

So in May, the Frisco Fighters, along with the Bombshells, showed up at Canyon Creek Elementary. The Bombshells lined the sidewalk to cheer on the students as their parents drove them through the circular drive in front of the school to pick up their books. The Bombshells were eventually joined by residents from the neighborhood who cheered as each vehicle rolled through.

Ms. Schacklett announced the name of each student on a bullhorn as they pulled up to the school, and the Bombshells personalized a cheer for each of the 16 students who were only expecting to see their teachers, friends, and Ms. Schacklett.

Some of the students were a bit timid at first to see so much going, while others stuck their head through the sunroofs and windows of their parents’ vehicles, beyond excited to receive such recognition. When the students reached the end of their personal parade, they were unexpectedly greeted by Frisco Fighters players, who handed the students their hot-off-the-presses books, along with a few other goodies from the Fighters.

“It was so amazing to see the smiles on the kids faces and get to personally hand them the books they worked so hard on during the school year,” said Fighters quarterback Jonathan Bane. “Being a role model is so much more than football for me. Any opportunity to inspire kids is something that I am always more than happy to be a part of. We hope to see the Canyon Creek Elementary family in the stands in 2021!”