Fighters Cater to Frisco Police Department

FRISCO, Texas (April 13, 2020) — The Frisco Fighters continued to play an active role in serving the Frisco community during these challenging times, delivering 100 meals from Rudy’s Barbeque to the Frisco Police Department for lunch on Monday.

The Fighters wanted to give back to first responders who have been working hard on the front lines and keeping the community safe during the pandemic. The organization also wanted to support the local restaurant community in Frisco.

“We came out here to show our appreciation to the Frisco Police Department for everything that they are doing,” Frisco Fighters quarterback Jonathan Bane said. “It’s been tough on us with the season being put on hold, but we are doing our part to stay inside, keep clean and give back any way that we can.”

Fighters players delivered catered meals and prepared them for officers and staff. The police officers extended their gratitude and introduced themselves to some of the players.

 “We’re still here and responding to calls, trying to be as proactive in protecting the citizens and making sure they are taking the appropriate actions to flatten the curve,” Officer Gene Willis of the Frisco PD said. “This community support has all been awesome… not only the Frisco Fighters bringing us lunch, but other community organizations have reached out and really supported us during this time.”

The Frisco Fighters are grateful to all first responders and essential personnel working every day to keep our community safe. The team remains dedicated to providing support in any way we can and will continue delivering meals on a weekly basis from local Frisco restaurants to those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community.